Sunday, June 30, 2019

Newsletter (24th - 28th June 2019)

Hello All,

Let me begin by thanking every individual for visiting, liking and giving me feedback for my previous blog post.

This week we will cover mainly resources related to information security.

1. Burp Suite: Scoping out your project

Burp suite is one of the swiss army knife tools for pentesters. Scoping is an essential part of auditing the application. I believe this would be really helpful to bug hunters and pentesters while performing a security assessment for the web application.

2. Understanding Burp Suite Intruder Attack Types

Most of us would have used Burp Suite for web application pen-testing. Burp suite intruder tab helps the attacker to fuzz the parameters used in the HTTP request. Fuzzing can be used to find multiple vulnerabilities in a web application like SQL injection, Cross site scripting, brute-force username, and password, etc.

3. Using Burp Suite Match and Replace Settings

A (10 min read) article was written in order to perform privilege escalation or find hidden features of the web application. Just by replacing parameter values  like "true", "false" ,"admin", "guest", "0", "1", etc. we may get some amazing results. A must read an article for bug hunters.

I hope you like the resources which I have shared and will be informative in some or other way.

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Pain is Pain

Link to the video

I just realized kids are the most vulnerable chain in our life... everything wrong that happens we tend to burst out at kids in someway or the other...why? Because they are weaker than you....but look what are you doing to them... Similarly, amongst kids, there is a tendency to gang up and say the nastiest things one could imagine and the words/actions really hurt....

Your pain and my pain may be pain tolerance level is higher than yours but that doesn't give me the right to inflict the end of the day, pain is pain...and it hurts....Kids are growing up and now more than the physical pain, I have seen them inflict emotional pain amongst themselves.

Let us all be mindful of our actions and their impact on people around us! We are responsible human beings and let's make this earth an inclusive place to live!

Please talk to your children and help them realize what they are doing is HURTING someone in a way that might take a long time to heal...and you should also be aware to spot signs in your kid and others around....💜

We say "excuse me" to avoid hurting someone physically...what about emotions hurt? What should we do?

Hunger...when the stomach rumbles....

It was one of those hot scorching summer days, I was surrounded by scalding hot oil. Rolled over and over, the gram flour became crisp and golden over me. Alas! I was out from the pan into a basket surrounded by many of my kind. But it wasn’t too long before I was picked up and pushed between a pav soaked with green and red chutney. I knew my time had come to serve the purpose of my existence-to calm down someone’s rumbling stomach. Little did I know that this day of mine would probably change the perception of many and touch your life in an unthinkable way. Yes, I am a Vada, crispy golden yellow, the humble favorite of the rich and poor alike.
So, as I was waiting to serve my purpose and being deeply engrossed in my dreamland, little did I realize, I was handed over to a frail man for free. Oh boy! I felt so worthless! The frail man started walking towards the traffic signal, and I wondered why hadn’t he devoured me yet. He looked like the last meal he had was weeks ago. I realized I was going to be shared with his family of a wife and a small baby who were cramped up in an unused drainage pipe. Joy was slowly filling him as he inched closer to the pipe which he called home. The little boy’s eyes lit with joy when he saw his father approach with food. The weak little kid expressed his joy with the little energy left in his body. He was about to get a morsel of food after so many days, but life had other plans. The man tripped and I fell out of his hands into the nallah. Oops, I was now covered with muck and flies. I felt so dejected and sad for the poor man and his family. Suddenly I see the little boy pick me up, clean me with his tattered shirt and in I go into his mouth. Realization dawned on me, how valuable I was. I saw the price health paid to huger.

There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread- Gandhi

Think twice before wasting that morsel of food. Ensure to get on your plate only that what you can eat!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Newsletter (17th - 23rd June 2019)

Welcome back, mates. It's wonderful to see you back on my blog.

Well starting from now, I would share my favorite resources with you all on a weekly basis. Hoping this would be beneficial to everyone irrespective of their profession.

Starting with the list, I feel everyone in their life go through some sort of stress, anxiety, and depression. So on that note, I would like to present my first resource related to these topics.

1. Understanding Stress, Anxiety And Depression And How to Cope - Olga Zilberberg

This is very helpful for us as we all spend most of our day sitting in front of the computer, forgetting to eat, sleep and exercise properly. Amazing talk and must be recommended to everyone.

2. Unusual kind of IDOR. An interesting read for hackers and bug hunters !!!

How spending our Saturday hacking earned us 20k by @MattiBijnens

I read this writeup and was amazed to see how the bug hunters find their way out exploiting the functionality. Indeed a great example to say "Nothing in this world is secure"

I hope you like the resources which I have shared and will be informative in some or other way.

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